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COVID-19: Does SA have a plan to wean itself off coal?

As COVID-19 lock-down restrictions were imposed globally, daily global CO₂ emissions in early April 2020 were down 17 per cent compared to the emission levels in the prior year. A number of congested cities around the world are now seeing clearer skies and breathing fresher air. However, the Covid-19 lock-down is only a short-term solution to the social and economic changes that countries need to make to ensure the sustainability and the longevity of climate change actions. Rachael Antwi, Director at Nochua International joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: An opportunity for alternative energy sources?

Recent weeks have seen oil prices drop to their lowest in history. But could this present an opportunity for other energy sources? And what kind of impact has it had on the sector in the region? CNBC Africa spoke to the CEO of East African Power Dan Klinck for more.

NUMSA interdicts signing of 27 IPP agreements

NUMSA interdicts signing of 27 IPP agreements