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Is leapfrogging the answer to Africa’s economic challenges?

For Africa to catch up with the Forth Industrial Revolution and the rest of the world, the word, "leapfroging," has been used quite often. But at the Ongoing Africa 50 forum, some of the main speakers seem to think otherwise, Faith Keza is the CEO of Irembo and she caught up with CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera on how Africa can bridge this gap without necessarily leapfrogging.

President Paul Kagame speaks on how technology can rebuild Rwanda

Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame spent the day with the innovative and powerful of the world at Viva Tech in Paris that is becoming a draw for African companies. Last year, Rwandan companies including AC Group, Irembo, Awesomity Lab, Zipline, Pivot Access, FabLab, Guez Show and Pascal Technologies exhibited at the tech show in Paris. CNBC caught with President Kagame at the show and he talked technology and its relationship with the rebuilding of his country.