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A new era for South Africa’s Treasury

The new Minister of Finance becomes the fourth official to lead Treasury in just under two years.

Op-Ed: Sovereign immunity: Are heads of state immune from criminal prosecution?

Does the constitution permit of the exceptional treatment of the president for criminal acts committed during his term of office?

S.A's President Zuma applies for court interdict to block anti-graft report

"I can confirm that the president has applied for a court interdict," Zuma's spokesman Bongani Ngqulunga said.

South Africa nuclear tender open to all, Rosatom not frontrunner

After meetings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Jacob Zuma, Rosatom had been considered the leading candidate to build 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity in South Africa by 2030.

Zuma says S.Africa's nuclear expansion plan on despite tight funds

Africa's most industrialised country has said it intends to build new nuclear power stations to reduce its heavy dependence on coal.