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Moody’s cuts SA’s growth forecast on the back of Coronavirus

Moody's says the global spread of the coronavirus is resulting in simultaneous supply and demand shocks. We expect these shocks to materially slow economic activity

Will tensions between Iran and the U.S affect SA – if so, how?

With continued tensions between the U.S and Iran, oil shoots up a further 2 per cent today, pushing Brent above $70 a barrel. How will this surge of oil prices affect South Africa and its economic position for 2020? Annabel Bishop, Chief Economist at Investec joins CNBC Africa for more.

SA, China in dialogue over transport economies

Africa is a marketplace of over a billion people to whom China has since year 2000 lent $125 billion, according to the Washington John Hopkins University.

SA, China partnership growing African economies

Announced in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, the Belt road initiative is a double trade corridor set to reopen channels between China and its neighbours in the West, Asia, the Middle East and Europe alongside Africa with over $800 billion committed in financing. CNBC Africa's Arnold Segawa who spoke to Lin Songtian, China Ambassador to South Africa.

Satellite technology: Can it be the answer to Africa’s challenges

Satellite technology: Can it be the answer to Africa’s challenges

South Africa’s credibility on the line with foreign bond investors

Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo and Sujata Rao A row over central bank independence could worsen South Africa's bond sell-off after foreign investors last week dumped the biggest amount of the country's securities in nearly five...

Barclays Africa says “no obligation” to pay SA govt

"It is our firm position that there is no obligation to pay anything to the SA government." - Barclays Africa.

South African credit regulator sees rise in impairments amid recession

South Africa could see a spike in bad loans as the first recession since 2009 hits millions.