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Tensions escalate in Mozambique amid looming national elections: An economic update

Torrid times ahead for Mozambique. Elections loom on October 15 and unrest is in the air. The economy is faltering. A peace agreement between the ruling Frelimo party and Renamo has been violated. Insurgents near Tema in the north threaten the flow of gas from the Rovuma basin off the coast of Mozambique. Mozambican entrepreneur, Publisher and owner of Verdade Newspaper in Maputo, Erik Charas joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kenyan government nurses go on strike over pay dispute, six patients die

Kenyan government nurses have gone on strike over delays in an agreement that will give them pay rises.

British tour operator evacuating nearly 1 000 Gambia holidaymakers

President Yahya Jammeh declared a state of emergency on his final day in office, increasing the chances of civil unrest.

Gabon warns Jean Ping: If he causes unrest, he will be arrested.

Ping promised disorder if the constitutional court did not declare him winner. Gabon warns: If he crosses the line, he will be arrested.

Death toll rises to 44 in Congo unrest

The unrest in the DRC started on Monday after its election commission decided to try to postpone the next president vote, due in November.

Soldiers deployed in Gabon after residents take to streets

Some shops in the city centre were open on Friday but there was little traffic, and locals expressed concern that the violence.

Tight security, food stockpiling as Gabon braces for Bongo dynasty fate

Election results: "There will be trouble and Ali will tackle the problem with his men ... We're afraid of the spillover," said Jadi Mabende.