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These five leaders are exposing corruption and bringing hope to Africa

We should also be “naming and faming” those leaders with integrity. These are five.

Africa needs to take urgent action to harness its youth dividend

Without urgent action to address stagnating levels of competitiveness, Africa’s economies will not create enough jobs for the young people entering the job market.

Op ed: Embracing “islandization”: how an unlikely opportunity could help Africa achieve inclusive growth

The opportunities presented by emerging technology breakthroughs are vast. They have the potential, when combined and connected, to transform our manufacturing and production systems, entire business models, our economic outlook, the future of employment and even our stewardship of the world around us.

Op-ed: Drawing on the past to chart the future: how Sub-Saharan Africa can become a driver for economic growth once again

How can the growth engine in Sub-Saharan African be restarted, asks Abebe Aemro Selassie, Director of the African Department (AFR) at the International Monetary Fund.

Op-ed: Are sovereign Eurobonds making a comeback in Africa?

One of the key issues to be discussed at the World Economic Forum – Africa gathering this week is the ongoing development of capital markets in Africa. This matter has been discussed...

Op-ed: The road to Africa’s future growth is paved with electronic payments  

Electronic payments offer a highway to Africa's future growth.

Op-ed: Africa’s start-ups are booming but more needs to be done

Africa's entrepreneurs are booming but lack finance from banks. This is how investors can create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

SA President Zuma speaks at WEF Africa on being booed, Africa is the future

President Jacob Zuma shares his feelings on being booed and tenure as president amid so much protest,