Dom-Green Energy Showcases Innovative Sustainable Energy Solutions at GITEX AFRICA 2024

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GITEX Africa

GITEX Africa

Dom-Green Energy, a leading provider of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, proudly participated in GITEX AFRICA 2024 (, held in Marrakech from May 29 to 31. The event served as a premier platform for showcasing the company’s latest advancements in wind energy technology and its unwavering commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions across the continent.

At GITEX AFRICA 2024, Dom-Green Energy introduced its state-of-the-art wind energy technologies, drawing significant attention from attendees. These innovations underscore the company’s dedication to harnessing renewable energy sources to meet the growing energy demands in Africa while promoting environmental sustainability. The innovative showcase featured the latest in wind turbine technology, highlighting the efficiency and reliability of Dom-Green Energy’s products. The showcased models are designed to withstand diverse climatic conditions, making them ideal for various regions across Africa. This adaptability ensures that renewable energy can be harnessed effectively, regardless of geographic or environmental challenges.


One of the key highlights of Dom-Green Energy’s participation was the opportunity to speak on the prestigious IMPACT Stage. During the session, company representative Youssef BERRADA, CEO and Founder, discussed the future of green energy and its critical role in sustainable development. The presentation covered the topic of “Scaling in Energy: The Future of Green Tech in Public Lighting,” including the integration of renewable energy into public lighting, the economic benefits of green energy, and the role of policy in promoting sustainable practices and community development. The session sparked engaging discussions on the potential and challenges of renewable energy adoption in Africa, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts to achieve a sustainable future. Key takeaways included the need for supportive government policies, investment in infrastructure, and community engagement to ensure the successful implementation of renewable energy projects.

GITEX AFRICA 2024 provided Dom-Green Energy with invaluable networking opportunities. The event facilitated connections with investors, potential partners, clients, and fellow innovators who share a passion for a greener future. These interactions are expected to pave the way for future collaborations and partnerships that will further the company’s mission of advancing renewable energy solutions. Throughout the event, Dom-Green Energy engaged in numerous meetings and discussions with stakeholders from various sectors. These interactions highlighted the growing interest in renewable energy across Africa and the willingness of different entities to collaborate on projects that promote sustainability. The company also explored potential joint ventures and partnerships that could lead to the development of new energy projects and the expansion of existing ones.

Dom-Green Energy’s participation in GITEX AFRICA 2024 is part of a broader commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions in Africa. The company is dedicated to addressing the continent’s energy challenges through innovative technologies and sustainable practices. With a focus on wind energy for domestic use, Dom-Green Energy aims to provide reliable and cost-effective energy solutions that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote environmental stewardship. The wind energy technologies presented by Dom-Green Energy at GITEX AFRICA 2024 represent the latest advancements in the field. These technologies include high-efficiency turbines designed to maximize energy capture while minimizing environmental impact. The turbines feature advanced materials and aerodynamic designs that enhance performance and durability, making them suitable for deployment in various terrains and weather conditions. In addition to hardware innovations, Dom-Green Energy is also focused on integrating smart technologies into its wind energy systems. This includes the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize turbine performance, predict maintenance needs, and enhance overall system efficiency. By leveraging these technologies, Dom-Green Energy aims to deliver more reliable and efficient energy solutions to its customers.

Sustainable development is at the core of Dom-Green Energy’s mission. The company is committed to ensuring that its energy solutions contribute to the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the communities it serves. This involves not only providing clean energy but also supporting local economies through job creation and skills development. Dom-Green Energy works closely with local communities to ensure that its projects have a positive impact. This includes engaging with community leaders, conducting environmental and social impact assessments, and implementing measures to mitigate any potential negative effects. The company also invests in training programs to equip local workers with the skills needed to operate and maintain renewable energy systems, thereby creating long-term employment opportunities.

Achieving a sustainable energy future requires collaboration among various stakeholders, including governments, private sector entities, and civil society organizations. Dom-Green Energy is actively involved in collaborative efforts to promote renewable energy adoption and sustainable practices. The company participates in industry associations, working groups, and forums to share knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions. Through these engagements, Dom-Green Energy contributes to shaping policies and regulations that support the growth of the renewable energy sector. The company also collaborates with academic institutions and research organizations to advance the development of new technologies and solutions.

As Dom-Green Energy reflects on the success of GITEX AFRICA 2024, the company remains committed to its mission of providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. By leveraging the insights and connections gained during the event, Dom-Green Energy aims to drive forward its initiatives and contribute to the continent’s energy transition. The future of renewable energy in Africa holds immense potential. With abundant natural resources and a growing demand for energy, the continent is well-positioned to become a leader in renewable energy adoption. Dom-Green Energy is dedicated to playing a key role in this transition, providing the technologies and expertise needed to harness Africa’s renewable energy potential.


Dom-Green Energy extends heartfelt thanks to its partners, Orange Corners and Bidaya_Incubator, for their continuous support. Orange Corners has been instrumental in providing a nurturing environment for startups and innovators, helping them transform their ideas into viable businesses. Bidaya_Incubator has similarly played a crucial role in supporting early-stage companies through mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities. Additionally, the company expresses gratitude to the organizers of GITEX AFRICA for creating an inspiring event that brings together key stakeholders in the tech and energy sectors. The meticulous organization and diverse range of activities ensured that participants could maximize their experience, from insightful sessions to valuable networking opportunities.

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