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Black Friday in 2020: Here’s what consumers will be looking for

South Africans have embraced Black Friday with gusto over the years. Over the past decade Black Friday deals have seen sales skyrocket for both brick-and-mortar retailers and their e-Commerce counterparts. In 2020, online retailers can expect a bumper sales period over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as shoppers avoid physical retail stores and shopping malls over COVID-19 fears. Warrick Kernes, Founder of the Insaka eCommerce Academy joins CNBC Africa for more.

Has Black Friday changed SA’s retail sector?

Has the way Black Friday change the retail industry and how South African's do business? CNBC Africa's Kopano Gumbi spoke to Retail Analyst, Syd Vianello about how it’s affected the retail cycle.

Did Black Friday, Cyber Monday live up to expectations for SA retailers?

Peter Harvey the Managing Director of DPO Group Southern Africa, speaks on the aftermath of the massive discounts that were spread across South African stores from Friday till today for the celebration of Black Friday and cyber Monday. He predicted a 30 per cent increase in Black Friday sales this year and joins CNBC Africa for more.

Black Friday in Nigeria: Understanding the trends

As people all over the world look to make the most of available black Friday deals, CNBC Africa’s Debbie Movoria reports on how Nigerians perceive Black Friday, their thoughts on the price discounts and the need to develop Nigeria's e-commerce sector.

Black Friday: Is it boosting SA retail growth?

Black Friday is in full swing today with deals on products from almost every retailer in South Africa – however not every retail industry may benefit from this craze. To unpack this, Equities Analyst at Old Mutual Investment Group, Meryl Pick joins CNBC Africa for more.

Black Friday: SA’s busiest cyber-crime day

South Africa awaits to take advantage of Black Friday discounts this in two days’ time there are number of things to look out for especially when it comes to online purchases. According to a cybersecurity company, Lawtrust majority of cybercrimes happen on this day. Maeson Maherry, Chief Solutions Director at Lawtrust joins CNBC Africa for more.

Disappointing #BlackFriday suggests uncertain outlook for Christmas season shopping

While more South Africans participated in the Black Friday shopping event in 2018 compared to the preceding year, the average spend per consumer dropped noticeably.

#BlackFriday sales up, but transaction value down

Statistics from Instant EFT provider i-Pay show that while the Rand value of transactions on Black Friday was up 1000% on 2016, average value per transaction on Black Friday declined compared to last year.