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Vanguard, BlackRock add new climate-focused ETFs as demand soars

The demand partly reflects the performance of the funds, which has often topped traditional investment products this year. That was despite many funds being held back by strategies such as not owning high-performing energy stocks, as second-quarter results showed.

COVID-19: Does SA have a plan to wean itself off coal?

As COVID-19 lock-down restrictions were imposed globally, daily global CO₂ emissions in early April 2020 were down 17 per cent compared to the emission levels in the prior year. A number of congested cities around the world are now seeing clearer skies and breathing fresher air. However, the Covid-19 lock-down is only a short-term solution to the social and economic changes that countries need to make to ensure the sustainability and the longevity of climate change actions. Rachael Antwi, Director at Nochua International joins CNBC Africa for more.

Cecil Chikezie on entrepreneurship, turning agricultural waste into sustainable energy

Cecil Chikezie figured out a way to turn agricultural waste into sustainable sources of energy by carbonating the waste and turning it into briquettes that can burn longer and with less carbon footprint than coal. CNBC Africa spoke to Cecil for more.

What you need to know about S.African government’s talks with coal miners to cut prices for struggling power utility Eskom

South Africa's mines and energy minister on Thursday said he was in talks with coal firms that supply struggling state-owned power utility Eskom to reduce coal prices in a bid to lower energy costs and boost the mining sector.

UN urges Kenya to reassess impact of Lamu coal plant

The United Nations (UN) cultural organization has officially called on the Kenyan Government to reassess the impact of the $2 billion coal power plant project on the heritage and natural environment of one of the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in the region. Samia Bwana, Board Member of deCOALonize joins CNBC Africa for more.

Why Zimbabwe wants $11bn for its mines

Mining generates more than half of Zimbabwe’s export receipts.

Maputo’s residents can now use gas. But dropping charcoal is proving hard

Like many other men and women in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, Agostinho feels optimistic about the future. After years of living in extreme poverty, he now has his own business and lives with...

Op-Ed: Why the Lamu coal plant doesn’t make sense. Kenya has better energy options

Kenyans pay high prices for electricity up to USD$0.19/kWh for residential customers compared to about US$0.10 in South Africa which is a barrier to the country’s sustainable economic development. The country is also expecting a steep rise...