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Here’s why building new cities to meet Africa’s rapid urbanisation is a risky bet

By 2050 an estimated 2.5 billion more people will be added to urban areas, with 90% of this growth taking place in Africa and Asia. If managed effectively, Africa’s cities will drive the continent’s economic growth, and thereby help reduce poverty.

Minister Claver Gatete speaks on implementing the new urban agenda

Hundreds of stakeholders in urbanisation are gathered in Kigali for the 3rd national urban forum to discuss sustainable urbanisation strategies and implementation of the new urban agenda. CNBC Africa's Steven Muvunyi spoke to Infrastructure Minister Claver Gatete on how the agenda can be aligned with domestic urbanisation programs.

Why old people in Nigeria’s cities can’t even rely on public transport

Access to safe public transportation system is one of the indicators of age-friendly cities and communities.

Op-Ed: Smart Cities in Africa? It’s not just about ICT

As mass urbanisation continues across Africa, putting in place the fundamental infrastructure needed to build smart cities has never been more important. Smart cities are emerging in Zambia, Ghana, Mauritius and Kenya....

Survey exposes Nairobi’s fragile food system

Survey exposes Nairobi’s fragile food system

Moving to cities has lifted over 300,000 South Africans out of poverty, even in difficult times

Ivan Turok and Justin Visagie | Human Sciences Research Council Migration to cities has helped many South Africans to escape extreme poverty, even in tumultuous times. This is the striking outcome of our analysis based on...

Buildexpo Africa 2017underway in Kigali

Buildexpo Africa 2017underway in Kigali

What does the future African city look like?

Riaan Graham | Ruckus What does the future African city look like? How do we identify the impact and trends resulting from urbanisation? What new regulation and governance models are needed? What about...