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S.A’s Finance Minister is getting legal opinion over SARS

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan revealed at a CNBC Africa-Discovery Invest Exclusive Insights event that he has received a letter from SARS.

S.A's Finance Minister Gordhan: A nimble featherweight boxer

He comes across as an avuncular sage with calm gestures and the odd point of the figure.

Zimbabwe dam levels at record lows after drought

An El Nino weather pattern triggered drought conditions that hit maize and other crops and dented economic growth.

Let me do my job – S.A's Finance Minister Gordhan

At a CNBC Africa-Discovery Invest Exclusive Insights interview the minister argued that confidence is vital.

UNICEF frees 876 children held by Nigeria for possible Boko Haram ties

The 876 children had been held in the barracks in Maiduguri, UNICEF's Manuel Fontaine said after visiting the northeastern city.

Can Ivory Coast's vote on a new constitution heal old wounds?

"I don't think this referendum should happen," said the construction worker. "They rushed this through, and no one even knows what's in it."

ICC's toughest trial: Africa vs. 'Infamous Caucasian Court'

Gambia's attack against its supposed 'Caucasian' justice may embolden other African states to leave the ICC.

S.A's petrol price to rise by 3.6 percent next week

The retail price of petrol in South Africa will rise by 3.6 percent from Nov. 2, while the price of wholesale diesel will go up by 5.9 perce