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Unlocking peer to peer employment growth

Thousands and in some countries millions of people are going to be left jobless as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, but could this present an opportunity to unlock peer to peer employment growth? Josh Adler, Executive Director at Anzisha Prize joined CNBC Africa for more.

Congolese Entrepreneur wins $25,000 Anzisha Prize – this is what she plans to do with the money

This year’s winner of the $25,000 Anzisha Prize is Yannick Kimanuka. This young lady wanted to make sure she gave all children from her hometown in Congo, a chance at a better education, by building school’s with proper infrastructure. CNBC Africa spoke to the awardee and businesswoman.

Patricia Chin-Sweeney gives entrepreneurial advice to start-ups in Africa

The Anzisha prize recognises young entrepreneurs from across the continent. And the young business people get a chance to learn from and network with industry leading experts chosen to help them along their entrepreneurial journey. Patricia Chin-Sweeney, Co-Founder and MD of IDEV Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

Adenike Adeyemi on nurturing Africa’s young entrepreneurs

The Anzisha prize awards $25,000 to a young entrepreneur. This year brought together industry experts from across the African continent. CNBC Africa spoke with Adenike Adeyemi, Executive Director of the Fate Foundation, about promoting young entrepreneurs.