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Op-Ed: COVID-19 is a huge threat to Africa’s off-grid energy sector and its millions of customers – here’s what needs to be done

While 840 million people still live without electricity and a further 1 billion live without a reliable electrical supply, significant progress has been made in recent years on expanding energy access globally. But without urgent action, off-grid energy could essentially be wiped out

Op-Ed: This is how Africa can accelerate energy access

In order to achieve our common goal of combatting energy poverty, it is crucial that the industry and governments come together to adopt new ways of accelerating energy access.

Op-Ed: How Africa can seize the billion-dollar solar opportunity & unlock the potential of underserved communities

This is how we can create the urgency that will drive more global private-public partnerships and help deliver electricity to the 600 million people living without it across Africa.

This innovation seeks to increase ‘clean cooking’ in Africa

Did you know that each year millions of deaths are caused by indoor pollution from cooking with harmful and inefficient fuels like wood, charcoal and kerosene? And here in Sub-Saharan Africa an estimated 86 per cent of the population lives without clean fuels and technologies for cooking. Now a new initiative has been launched by BBOXX here in Rwanda to tackle this. Justus Mucyo, Managing Director at BBOXX Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.