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Nigerian markets await DMO April bond auction

Traders say Nigeria’s April bond auction may not hold on the back of Nigeria's 14-day lockdown but adds that the Debt Management Office would keep paying this month’s coupons. Bankole Odusanya, Head of Fixed Income trading at UBA joins CNBC Africa for this discussion.

Nigerian foreign exchange and fixed income watch

Traders say they expect activity at the bond market to pick up today, on the back of the unmet bids at Wednesday's bond auction as well as the improvement in liquidity. Oluwatosin Ayanfalu, Fixed Income Broker at Zedcrest Capital joins CNBC Africa to review today’s trading at Nigeria’s fixed Income and Forex market.

Investors anticipating results ahead of bond auction: Nigerian match review

As we await today's bond auction results. Currency Trader at UBA, Deinma Iyagba joins CNBC Africa to review trading activity.

DMO to offer N150bn bond across 3 maturities: A review of Nigerian markets

Nigeria’s Debt Management Office will conduct its November bond auction today – Forex Trader at Access Bank, Ajoke Adepoju joins CNBC Africa to discuss what to expect.

More activity driven by liquidity of T-bills: Nigerian FX markets

Bankole Odusanya, Head of Fixed Income Trading at UBA joins CNBC Africa to look at Nigeria’s fixed income and Forex market.

Nigeria’s Debt Management Office bond auction oversubscribed

Nigeria’s Debt Management Office says its Wednesday bond auction was oversubscribed by 207.6 per cent, indicating investors’ appetite for Nigerian bonds. Oluwemimo Omotoso, Head of International Treasury at Access Bank joins CNBC Africa for more.

What to expect from Nigeria’s fixed income & FX markets

As the money markets await the release of the bond auction calendar this week. Forex dealer at GT Bank, Chioma Udu joins CNBC Africa for more.