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What’s behind the growth of esports in Africa?

Playing video games might not just be a hobby anymore at least in many parts of the world this has picked up as a multi-billion industry but are we ready for it? CNBC Africa spoke to Davy Kamanzi, Head of Communications and Community Relations, Ace Pro Gaming an esports company for more.

#AGRF2020: How the agriculture sector can leverage big data & AI to improve food security

Microsoft through its 4Afrika initiative have signed an MOU with Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to support in improving food security for 30 million farming households across 21 countries by 2021. Amrote Abdella, Regional Director, Microsoft 4Afrika initiative joins CNBC Africa for more.

How traditional dance & culture is uplifting local communities in Rwanda

Some traditional dances and other cultural aspects are under threat of disappearance partly because owners can’t make a living from them to be able to preserve them. Ikiringo Isa Project seeks to provide support for local cultures while creating employment for locals. Grace Ingabire, Project Manager joins CNBC Africa for more.

Bank of Uganda: Uganda gold exports see 21% increase month-on-month

Gold exports see 21 per cent rise in the first half of the year; Ugandan government threatens to suspend public transport and COVID-19 vaccine trials now slated to begin in December - these are the stories making headlines in Uganda and CNBC Africa spoke to Kenneth Agutamba, Analyst and Chief Strategist at Impact Communication Stratégies for more.

Bank of Uganda threatens to cap lending rates

In a letter from the Central Bank Governor, Bank of Uganda has threatened to cap the interest that commercial banks can charge borrowers, after the industry failed to reduce loan rates in response to cuts in benchmark rates. David Walakira, Policy Analyst and Development Economist joins CNBC Africa for more.

Annual market review: This is how Uganda Securities Exchange performed in 2019

Bank of Uganda (BoU) held its last Treasury Bills (T-Bill) auction of 2019 on December 18th to raise $59.96 million. However, the previous bill auction had an underwhelming performance in terms of amount raised with the Central Bank only managing 88.07 per cent of the amount offered. Also last week, trading turnover dropped by 36.36 per cent to 23.81 relative to $37.28 million the previous week. Oscar Emasu, Research Analyst at Crested Capital joins CNBC Africa for a review on how the money market faired this year.

How best should Uganda handle its foreign debt?

The Bank of Uganda is considering purchasing about $1billion to service external debt and other government imports of goods and services in the 2019/2020 financial year. However, analysts warn that this might put more pressure on the local currency and erode the gains it has made lately. For a better understanding, Analyst Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa.