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The Congo chocolate factory hits the sweet spot making money in its African melting pot

“People have that ignorance of looking at chocolate like it’s something from abroad, that can’t be made in Africa,” Kalinda said, stirring the pot. “We decided to break that rule.”

Here are three reasons why Ghana’s cocoa farmers are trapped by the chocolate industry

The chocolate industry is worth more than $80 billion a year. But some cocoa farmers in parts of West Africa are poorer now than they were in the 1970s or 1980s.

Why cocoa companies failed to keep promise to stop Africa deforestation

If deforestation continues unabated, Ivory Coast - the world’s top cocoa producer - risks losing all its forest cover by 2034.

OPINION: A Divine Vision for Change at Davos

I want to keep the focus on Inequality– which remains the most fundamental barrier to making any kind of lasting positive change.