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These are measures Bank of Ghana is taking to mitigate COVID-19 impact on the banking sector

Moody’s Investors Service say they expect the recent measures by the Bank of Ghana to help mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus on banks’ asset quality and liquidity. Vice President and Banking Analyst at Moody’s, Christos Theofilou joins CNBC Africa for more.

Moody’s: Lower NPLs credit positive for Ghana’s banks

Moody's says the drop in the non-performing loans which follows a recent clean-up and recapitalisation exercise is credit positive for Ghana's banking system. Christos Theofilou, Vice President and Banking Analyst at Moody's joins CNBC Africa for this discussion.

Moody’s banking sector outlook for Kenya

According to Moody’s Investor Service, Kenya’s economy will continue to grow at 6.0 per cent in 2019 and 2020, supported by the strong services sector and private consumption. Christos Theofilou, Vice President – Senior Analyst at Moody’s Investors Service joins CBNC Africa to share if solid capital and profitability shield banks from high asset risk.