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Bank of Uganda threatens to cap lending rates

In a letter from the Central Bank Governor, Bank of Uganda has threatened to cap the interest that commercial banks can charge borrowers, after the industry failed to reduce loan rates in response to cuts in benchmark rates. David Walakira, Policy Analyst and Development Economist joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID19: Uganda to seek loan from World Bank, Central Bank to provide liquidity

Uganda’s Central Bank said it would provide liquidity to commercial banks among other actions it was taking to cushion them from the negative effects.

Kenya’s first green bond starts trading on the NSE

According to latest data from the Controller of Budget in Kenya 25 of the 47 counties spent nothing on development in the first quarter to September, hurting job creation and infrastructure projects in the devolved units. This is a 45 per cent drop compared to the $34.6 million governors spent on development activities in a similar period a year ago. Also, commercial banks are on course to post another full-year of double-digit growth in profits. Moreover, Kenya’s first green bond started trading on the Nairobi Securities Exchange for the first time. Reginald Kadzutu, Economic Analyst joins CNBC Africa for more.

Cogebanque targets retails and SME sector in diversity drive

The first half of the year has seen an improved performance by commercial banks in Rwanda, with many registering a strong performance of their loan book portfolio, one of these banks is Cogebanque. To have a look at the bank's half year results, CEO of Cogebanque, Cherno Gaye joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Understanding the cost of credit in Ghana

Understanding the cost of credit in Ghana

Independent candidate Mpayimana promises interests rate cut

Independent candidate Mpayimana promises interests rate cut

Nigeria steps nearer to devaluation with central bank dollar sale

Forward exchange rates are rates at which banks agree to exchange one currency for another at a future date.

Kenya's cap on rates may hit commercial bank lending

"Those risky borrowers at the margins may be cut off from borrowing. It's unclear which way this will go. We haven't done it before."