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Peter Moyo to go ahead with application to have Old Mutual’s non-executive directors declared delinquent

Peter Moyo plans to apply to the South Gauteng High Court to have Old Mutual’ s non-executive directors declared delinquent,

Why Old Mutual’s biggest shareholder met with Moyo

Old Mutual may be up for its toughest fight yet in its ongoing litigation with Peter Moyo. It has to proven why it and its 13 non-executive directors should not be found in contempt of court for blocking Moyo from returning to work as per the court, and insulting Judge Brian Mashile. Failure to do so carries serious ramifications including possible jail time. Peter Moyo and his attorney Eric Mabuza join CNBC Africa for more.

Judgement deferred in Moyo vs Old Mutual court case

Old Mutual will have to argue why it’s second firing of Peter Moyo's is not further contempt of court and why its board members shouldn't pay for their own legal costs. The next court date is yet to be announced. Here is what Old Mutual's chief of communications Tabby Tsengiwe had to say after the judgement was delivered as well as what Peter Moyo, who is fighting for his job back, also commented on long standing board member, Pinky Moholi's sudden resignation from Old Mutual's board last week.