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Assessing the security situation in the EA region

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen two big events take the headlines in the region, one being the stepping down of long standing Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir, and the subsequent protests and devastating strife in determining new leadership; the other more recent being the Ethiopian Army’s Chief of Staff and other top officials being shot amidst an attempted coup. Chief Strategist and Analyst, Ken Agutamba joins CNBC Africa to decipher exactly how this impacts the rest of the region.

UK, US tell their citizens in Zimbabwe to stay indoors

Nov 15 (Reuters) - The UK and US governments on Wednesday advised their citizens currently in Harare, Zimbabwe, to remain indoors until political situation becomes clearer in the African country. “Due to the...

Soldiers take over Zimbabwe state broadcaster, say not coup

Troops were deployed to the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital.