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AmEx profit tumbles 85% as pandemic-related defaults loom

AmEx said its consolidated loss provisions stood at $1.6 billion, up from $861 million a year ago, with the increase driven primarily by new reserves created to account for the effects of the pandemic.

Fintech innovations offer alternative to credit traps

South Africans are desperate for innovative payment solutions that don’t involve credit traps. what is available for online shoppers and is there a way to avoid credit in all its disguises entirely?

Bank of Uganda maintains repo rate at 10%

Last week in the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, Bank of Uganda moved to maintain the Central Bank Rate at 10 per cent. Economic growth in Financial Year 2019/2020 is projected at 6-6.3 per cent supported by the accommodative monetary policy that resulted in stronger growth in private sector credit, expansionary fiscal policy and multiplier effects of public infrastructure investments. Oscar Emasu, Research Analyst at Crested Capital joins CNBC Africa for more.

How your credit score impacts your daily decisions

With new risk-based pricing systems for loans on the horizon in Kenya, it’s becoming increasingly important for both consumers and financial institutions to understand how credit scores can help enable the right conversations.

Rwanda steps up fight against embezzlement & mismanagement in cooperatives

Saving and Credit Cooperatives in Rwanda have lost close to 2 billion francs over embezzlement and mismanagement since 2009. Now the government has embarked on an exercise to investigate cases of embezzlement and mismanagement as well as approved a new national policy to address inefficiencies in cooperatives. For more on this CNBC Africa is joined by Prof. Jean Bosco Harelimana, Director General of Rwanda Cooperative Agency.

Unpacking CBN Q1 2018 credit conditions survey report

Unpacking CBN Q1 2018 credit conditions survey report

How to best plan your credit journey

Christoph Nieuwoudt | FNB Credit is a sensitive topic that can evoke a wide range of emotions from consumers. Positive experiences include the excitement and relief of being able to buy your first...

IMF approves $224.8 mln in extra credit for Ivory Coast

The International Monetary Fund's Executive Board approved $224.8 million in additional credit for Ivory Coast.