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Op-Ed: Africa locks down: No time for test runs

“Italy has given the rest of the world a tragic glimpse of what a lockdown needs to look, especially for countries that blink and fail to take action fast,” writes former Director of Communication and External Relations at the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Victor Oladokun.

UN food agency says record 45 million people across Southern Africa face hunger

The United Nations World Food Programme said on Thursday that a record 45 million people in the 16-nation Southern African Development Community faced growing hunger following repeated drought, widespread flooding and economic disarray.

WFP: 1.9mn Mozambicans in need of food assistance post cyclones Idai and Kenneth

Many in Mozambique have been left with the devastating aftermath of the two violent cyclones that hit the country earlier this year. According to the World Food Program, 1.9 million Mozambicans are at risk of a severe food shortage which will require urgent international assistance. Joining CNBC Africa for more is James Lattimer, Deputy Country Director for the World Food Program.

Here’s why the Indian Ocean is creating strong and deadly tropical cyclones

The Indian Ocean has made its mark on the global news cycle this year with tropical cyclone Idai that killed over 1,000 people followed by tropical cyclone Kenneth.

Mozambique to receive $13 million from UN for Cyclone Kenneth damage

Cyclone Kenneth crashed into the northern province of the southern African nation on Thursday just as it was recovering from Cyclone Idai that hit further south last month.

Mozambique expected to be hit with another cyclone, what you need to know

Another tropical cyclone is expected to make landfall on Mozambique’s coast on Thursday, just over a month after a more powerful storm struck the Mozambican port city of Beira further south and killed hundreds of people.

Hundreds of thousands displaced after Cyclone Idai, death toll over 1,000

Hundreds of thousands of people are still in need of aid after Cyclone Idai battered Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in March.