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EU injects additional $17mn to tackle desert locusts ravaging East Africa

The European Union has released an additional 15 million euros to the fight against desert locusts in East Africa ahead of a potential new wave of swarms in the region. This comes after the EU granted 11 million euros back in February of this year for the same. The Food and Agriculture Organisation is one of the bodies set to receive the funds for this and CNBC Africa spoke to Cyril Ferrand, Senior Technical Officer and Team Leader for Eastern Africa Resilience for more.

ICRC: Why the second wave of locust swarms could prove disastrous for East Africa

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers in East Africa are facing yet another devastating outbreak; a second wave of desert locusts. This has sparked fears of widespread crop loss and serious levels of food insecurity in the region. CNBC Africa spoke to Crystal Wells, East Africa Spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross for more.

East Africa braces for more locust infestation amid COVID-19 pandemic

Experts have warned that a second wave of desert locusts, 20 times bigger than the first one, will soon ravage farms in East Africa. According to estimates from scientists, the new swarms expected to hatch in May will be 400 times bigger by June if successive generations are not eliminated. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.

How the ban on single-use plastics impacts Rwandan industries, wholesalers

In October last year, Rwanda became the first regional country to issue a complete ban on all single-use plastics. Retailers were given three months to clear their stocks and find alternatives, while industrial users and producers of single-use plastics were given a two-year deadline after which they will pay heavy fines. Also, the Meteorology Agency predicted that there is a minimal yet probable chance that desert locusts might break into Rwanda in a period of between ten to 14 days. How prepared are we? Journalist of the Newtimes Hudson Kuteesa joins CNBC Africa for more.