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How to better understand gender statistics in Africa

Statisticians say that there is still a gap between the production and the uptake or use of gender statistics. CNBC Africa's Tesi Kaven had a conversation with Anne Laure Humbert, Director of Centre for Diversity, Policy Research & Practice at Oxford Brookes University on production and use of refined gender statistics on the continent.

Why the dream of a prosperous, united nation continues to elude South Africa

Edward Webster | University of the Witwatersrand The goal of one united South African nation living prosperously under a constitutional democracy remains elusive. This is in spite of the constitution boldly declaring that South Africa belongs...

Lessons on why diversity isn’t black and white – it’s gold

It brings in more revenue, makes for happier customers, and ultimately builds more sustainable businesses.

SURVEY: How Millennials see the world

The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2016 asked over 26,000 millennial between 18-35 years, from 180 countries, about how they see the world.