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Ajiv Maharaj on Durban’s 5-year plan to reshape the city

Ajiv Maharaj, eThekwini Deputy Head, Policy, Strategy, Information and Research spoke to CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters about Durban’s 5-year plan to reshape the city on the side-lines of the 2018 Shape Durban Conference.

Fawzia Peer on cultivating partnerships to grow Durban

The municipality in Durban is hard at work growing its economy and creating more direct jobs. CNBC Africa attended a Shape Durban business event and she caught up with Deputy Mayor of eThekwini, Fawzia Peer to talk about these initiatives.

How Durban is incorporating youth in reshaping the city

The Durban municipality has outlined its efforts to grow their economy in partnership with businesses and ordinary people. CNBC Africa's Fifi Peters spoke to the Durban Chamber of Commerce CEO, Palesa Phili.

Empowering Durban youth through opportunities on the port

The Shape Durban’s workshop conference has been discussing economic and job creation strategies. These issues have been linked to the need for education and exposure to global systems and operations. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters spoke to Yvonne Iyer from Senior Experten Service.

How the Global Shapers Community is reshaping Durban for the future

Justice Matarutse Durban Hub Curator, Global Shapers Community spoke to CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters about reshaping Durban to best accommodate the economic needs of the youth.