How West Africa built the muscle to rout dictators and keep the peace

The regional body brought a swift end to the potentially explosive crisis sparked by the refusal of former President Yahya Jammeh to hand over to the newly elected Adama Barrow.

Africa faces a new threat to democracy: the ‘constitutional coup’

In many countries, the problems were not caused by the absence of constitutions. Rather it was the ease with which African leaders had rendered constitutions dysfunctional by regularly ignoring their provisions or amending them when it suited their convenience.

How West Africa built the muscle to rout dictators

How Ecowas redefined its role on the continent.

Gambia's President refuses to hand over power

Despite mediation by West African regional bloc ECOWAS, President Yahya Jammeh says he will not step down

ECOWAS to uphold Gambian vote despite Jammeh's resistance

The West African regional bloc to uphold the victory of Adama Barrow as Gambia's new President despite Yahya Jammeh's refusal to step down.

U.S. labels Gambia crisis "very dangerous"

The U. S said on Monday Gambia had reached "a very dangerous moment".