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Congo elephant poacher jailed for 30 years; landmark case hailed

BRAZZAVILLE (Reuters) - Congo Republic jailed a notorious poacher for 30 years for ivory trafficking and the attempted murder of park rangers, a conservation group said, hailing the case as...

Kenya elephant numbers more than double in 1980-2018: tourism minister

Poaching had surged in past years in Kenya and other sub-Saharan African countries, where gangs killed elephants and rhinos to feed Asian demand for ivory and horns for use in folk medicines.

Here’s why De Beers is moving 200 elephants from South Africa to Mozambique

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Diamond producer De Beers said on Monday it was relocating 200 elephants from its private reserve in South Africa to neighbouring Mozambique, part of wider efforts to restore wildlife...

97 elephants are killed every day – report

97 elephants are killed every day – report

African elephant population tumbles around 20 pct on poaching

Losses in some countries have been staggering. Tanzania saw a 60 percent decline in its elephant population.

Africa forest elephants may take almost a century to recover from poaching

Forest elephants are experiencing the greatest levels of poaching in Africa, with 10 to 18 percent of the population being killed per year.

Zimbabwe plans to use drones to fight elephant poaching

Tourism contributes 11 percent to Zimbabwe's $14 billion economy with the country's wildlife parks popular with overseas visitors.