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From rags to riches: Ex-soccer star “King George” Weah wins Liberia’s presidency contest

His rags-to-riches story helped him tap into dissatisfaction with Johnson Sirleaf’s 12-year tenure

How women bring about peace and change in Liberia

Erica Lawson |Western University Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the first woman to lead an African country. Her two terms in office ended with elections last month since, like the United States,...

Liberia’s president says ‘our democracy is under assault’

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday said democracy in the West African country was being threatened, a day after the Supreme Court put a presidential runoff on hold over fraud allegations. Former...

One of Liberia’s main parties calls for halt to election results

One of Liberia’s leading political parties called for a halt in announcing the result of Tuesday’s presidential election, citing irregularities in the vote. The Liberty Party, whose candidate Charles Brumskine was considered a front-runner...

Liberia goes to polls to choose Ellen Johnson Sirleaf successor

Liberia goes to polls to choose Ellen Johnson Sirleaf successor

As Johnson Sirleaf exits, Liberians thankful for peace, excited about change

After a dozen years of recovery under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping bring peace after civil war turned her country into a wasteland, Liberians are hopeful...

There’s an education revolution taking place in Liberia. How can we make sure it benefits everyone?

“In Liberia, a woman’s place is in the market, the church, the kitchen, or the bed. But not for one little girl,” Helene Cooper writes.

Where are Africa's women leaders?

Why has Africa had so few women leaders? Teresa Chirwa-Ndanga examines a new study and comes to some startling conclusions.