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How intelligent capital is essential in helping SMEs recover from COVID-19

Throughout this pandemic, we've seen tens of initiatives geared at providing support for struggling SMEs and entrepreneurs in the region. One prolific player in this arena has been Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners and this time, they're partnering up with the MasterCard Foundation's 'Hanga Ahazaza' program to elevate young tourism entrepreneurs and even entrepreneurs in the making by providing them with Intelligent Capital. Charity Kabango, Director & Co-Founder, Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners joins CNBC Africa for more.

Rwanda: Tourism entrepreneurs to benefit from COVID-19 resilience program

A new COVID-19 resilience program has arrived and this time in the form of a partnership between Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, MasterCard Foundation and Equity Bank Rwanda. The ‘Komeza’ program will support 120 SMEs in the tourism sector with not only technical assistance, but financing as well, for up to $50,000 each. CNBC Africa spoke to Charity Kabango, Director and co-Founder of ESP for more.