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Op-Ed: Getting women in the driver’s seat of Africa’s agribusiness revolution

Women are the backbone of Africa’s agricultural sector. While their influence on the continent’s growing agribusiness industry is undeniable, more solutions are needed to address the gender-specific challenges they face to boost their participation.

Op-Ed: What are the steps needed to challenge the gender divide ?

In recent years there has been significant improvements towards empowering women in Africa and the Middle East (AME). Despite these steps towards inclusion, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Gender Gap index[1], it will take more than 150 years to close the gender gap between men and women in Africa and the Middle East.

How UN Women’s global ‘HeforShe’ initiative seeks to drive gender equality

The movement is gathering momentum globally and seeks to actively involve men and boys in a movement that was originally conceived as "a struggle for women by women".

How tolerance enhances democracy and the quest for human flourishing

Nuraan Davids and Yusef Waghid | Stellenbosch University   More and more, educational leaders and managers in schools and universities are being confronted with various expressions of hate speech. In Cape Town, South Africa, a...

Op-Ed: The S.A. government cannot wish away the unemployed

Is the South African government unconcerned about the devastating unemployment in the rural areas that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will cause?

How to fix war-torn societies? Help women to work

Thomson Reuters Foundation When Islamic State militants brutally invaded her hometown of Kobani in Syria, Shorash didn't initially see it as a career opportunity. Grabbing only what she could carry, Shorash and her family...