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Will West Africa realise its journey to a single currency?

Since the West African Economic and Monetary Union agreed to rename its CFA Franc to the "Eco", Ghana's government has indicated interest to join the West African currency, but without the planned peg to the Euro. Nigeria's government on the other says it is still studying the development. With the currency set to kick off by the end of the year – Tilewa Adebajo, CEO of CFG Advisory joins CNBC Africa to discuss the implications.

West Africa renames CFA franc but keeps it pegged to euro, what you need to know…

West Africa’s monetary union has agreed with France to rename its CFA franc the Eco and cut some of the financial links with Paris that have underpinned the region’s common currency since its creation soon World War Two.

Brett Dawson on his Inspirational journey of investment and expansion

Former CEO of Dimension Data, Brett Dawson has been a busy man since leaving the company. He has invested in seven start-ups, and set up Campan. Several of these start-ups have been established by South Africans including Fourex, a forex exchange service which provides self-servicing kiosks to exchange 150 currencies. The exchange has been an innovate approach to exchanging foreign currencies into notes and coins, and is paid out in the major currencies such as the dollar, pound and euro. To discuss his investments, Brett Dawson joins CNBC Africa for more.

Euro rallies following Draghi speech

Euro lower as ECB sources say stimulus withdraw is over interpreted