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MFS Africa CEO on how to solve money transfer challenges in Africa amid COVID-19

The current pandemic has radically transformed the world of business, with many having to adapt fast and use unconventional methods to keep their businesses working. Dare Okoudjou, CEO and Founder of MFS Africa joined CNBC Africa on how to solve the money transfer challenge that is preventing African businesses from growing as much as they should.

SAVE CEO on the benefits of open banking amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has in a way increased the uptake of open banking solutions and with many consumers starting to use mediums such as services provided by fintechs, could this affect your banking choices, CNBC Africa spoke to the CEO and Founder of SAVE, Shema Steve for more.

Stone Atwine of EverSend talk technology, money transfer services and Fintech trends in 2020

With over 66 per cent of Africa's adult population largely unbanked, the ever growing role of fintechs on the continent cannot be undermined – Founder of EverSend Application, Stone Atwine joins CNBC Africa on the trends that will drive the industry in 2020.

Funsho Akere on how banks & fintechs can collaborate to cover Nigeria’s unbanked

What is the true cost implication of financial inclusion for Nigeria? Stanbic Capital's Chief Executive, Funsho Akere says the future of Nigeria's unbanked population lies in collaborations between Fintechs and banks. He joins CNBC Africa's Christy Cole for more.