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BlackRock’s global outlook for year 2020

The year 2020 is almost upon us and according to Blackrock's Global Outlook, Growth should edge higher next year, limiting recession risks. CNBC Africa is joined by Karim Chedid, Investment Strategist for ETFs and Index Investments at BlackRock.

Here’s why building new cities to meet Africa’s rapid urbanisation is a risky bet

By 2050 an estimated 2.5 billion more people will be added to urban areas, with 90% of this growth taking place in Africa and Asia. If managed effectively, Africa’s cities will drive the continent’s economic growth, and thereby help reduce poverty.

IMF says South Africa’s debt is “becoming uncomfortable”, but no bailout requested, what you need to know

South Africa’s public debt, which is approaching rating agencies’ red line of 60% of economic output, is reaching uncomfortable levels, an IMF official said on Thursday.

World Bank contradicts Tanzania’s rosier growth estimates, what you need to know

Tanzania’s economy expanded 5.2% in 2018, the World Bank said on Thursday, the second major report this year from a multilateral financial institution contradicting rosier government figures.

Togo’s plan for economic transformation

According to Kanka-Malik Natchaba, the Head of Togo's Presidential Delivery Unit, Togo's National Development Plan will bring economic transformation through industrialisation, value addition and social inclusion. CNBC Africa's Christy Cole caught up with him on the side-lines of the Togo-EU Economic forum for a progress report on the National Development Plan.

Assessing the EU’s plan to boost investment in Africa

Jyrki Katainen, the Vice President at the European Union Commission for Jobs, Growth, Investment, and competitiveness says one of the main pillars of the European Union's External Investment Plan is to mobilise investment by de-risking private sector lending in high-risk sectors and countries. CNBC Africa's Christy Cole caught up with him on the side-lines of the Togo-EU Economic forum and he shed more light on the EU's commitment to Africa.

Maiden Togo-EU economic forum begins in Lome

The European Union and Togo are linked by history and united by common desire says Faure Gnassingbe the President of Togo. In a speech kicking off the ongoing Togo-European Economic Forum, he spoke about the ways African countries can develop sustainably.

Why Nigeria should evaluate existing structures in order to drive economic growth

Nigeria needs to review existing structures to drive growth. xtock/Shutterstock By Ohio Omiunu, Senior Lecturer in Law, De Montfort University There have been sustained efforts to diversify Nigeria’s economy since the country returned to democratic civilian...