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KPMG CEO Ignatius Sehoole: A CA with a vision to clean up SA’s auditing profession

Ignatius Sehoole is no stranger to difficult tasks. He decided to become a Chartered Accountant because he didn’t see too many people who looked like him in the profession and then after being expelled from university for striking against corruption, rose to become one of the most well respected voices in the South African audit profession and the man picked to rebuild a battered KPMG. In this CNBC Africa exclusive he shares his story and vision for an industry darkened by corruption.

How to rebuild a business wrecked by scandals

The new CEO of KPMG, Igantius Sehoole, has a mammoth task ahead of him if he is to rebuild the country’s trust in the organisation. In this exclusive he spoke to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi about the scandals that rocked it and how the company plans to turn that all around.