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How to keep a job in a world of AI? Get creative

An estimated 30 million to 50 million jobs in Asia are at risk of displacement in the medium to long term.A new report from UBS estimates that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could create an economic value of about $1.8 trillion to $3 trillion in Asia by 2030.

Innovators need to think Pan-African from day one

If they want to have a lasting impact, innovators need to think about local and Pan-African contexts from the very inception of their projects.

14 social entrepreneurs to improve maternal & child health in Africa

These graduates will help improve and accelerate maternal and/or child health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Number of African tech startups raising funding up by 17% in 2016

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya remained the three most popular investment destinations on the continent.

US$7 million to fund innovation in Africa

US$ 7 Million in innovation grants will catalyse pioneering research to achieve health and development outcomes in Africa.

S.A's Telkom states its position on Integrated ICT Policy White Paper

“Our reaction to the white paper is that there is a lot of good in it. Some of it is concerning and some parts are potentially dangerous."

Human-focused approach required for S.A digital brands to grow

Leading S. African digital heavyweights exchanged knowledge on how brands and agencies could be more innovative and effective.

OPINION: Are Nigeria's new money transfer policies good for the people?

There are many innovative solutions available to the CBN, but is it taking advantage of them or just going with the old way of doing things?