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Tony Blair: How the misery of COVID-19 could mean more investment into Africa.

“There is vast pool of capital in the west because interest rates are very low and they are looking for an outlet. You look at Japan alone, its pension fund has a trillion dollars in it,” says Blair.

What does the COVID-19 end game look like for investors?

A three-pronged approach is needed to try and understand the financial markets in these extraordinary times.

NSE launches growth board for high-growth companies

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) today launched its Growth Board which the exchange says designed to encourage the listing of growth companies and provide them with a cost-effective platform to raise the capital needed to scale, attract investors, enhance corporate visibility and put in place a regulatory structure that fosters growth. CNBC Africa’s Christy Cole shares more details.

How ready is Africa to fully embracing cloud-computing?

Recent times have seen not only shareholders concerned with a company's mission and ethical practices, the age of social media has held a lot more corporations accountable for upholding certain values and now, more and more, the eyes of investors and the public alike are on corporate governance. Cloudhop, a cloud computing firm based in East Africa believes that tech is the best way to implement strong governance structures. CEO of Cloudhop, Keval Shah joins CNBC Africa for more.

UK-Morocco Business Dialogue: Attijariwafa Bank’s Ismail Douiri on why Morocco is Europe’s gateway into Africa

At the on-going UK-Morocco Business Dialogue in London, CNBC Africa’s Chris Bishop spoke to Ismail Douiri, General Manager of Attijariwafa Bank about what Morocco is doing to improve its business environment and attract investors.

Vetiva’s capital markets outlook for Nigeria

How will local and international investors participate in Nigeria's capital markets next year? Usoro Essien, Head of Research at Vetiva joins CNBC Africa to discuss expectations for the markets and investment climate outlook for Nigeria.

What to expect ahead of OPEC meeting next week

In early morning trade brent crude declined slightly by 0.4 per cent as investors eagerly await the meeting of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) next week. The meeting may result in the extension of an output agreement which cuts output by 1.2 million barrels per day.

Africa Investment Forum: Watt Renewable Corporation’s Eweje on the outlook for renewable energy investment in Africa

Energy is one of the important themes at this year’s Africa Investment Forum in Sandton. The idea of generating more energy, and specifically renewable energy was at the top of the agenda. CNBC Africa’s Kenneth Igbomor spoke to Managing Director of Watt Renewable Corporation, Oluwole Eweje about his boardroom conversations with investors.