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Weighing the impact of Lagos State’s restriction on motorcycles & rickshaws

It is now seven days since the Lagos government state began reinforcing restrictions on the commercial use of motorcycles and rickshaws in certain areas of the state. As commuters groan from the attendant inconvenience and affected investors explore downsizing. Lagos insists it will see the enforcement through, citing security concerns among others. CNBC Africa's Deborah Movoria reports.

Bike-hailing start-ups speak out on motorcycle restrictions in Lagos

To get more feedback on the recent restriction on the activities of operators of motorcycles and rickshaws in Lagos state, Damilare Ogunleye, Spokesman for the Transportation Hailing Alliance of Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to discuss the implication of this ban on its members.

This is what Lagos commuters are making of the ban on motorcycles & rickshaws

CNBC Africa went to the street of Lagos to find out how the recent restriction placed on Motorcycles and Rickshaws in Lagos popularly known as Okada and Keke Marwas in 15 councils and major highways is affecting Lagosians as they commute to work. CNBC Africa’s Debbie Movoria reports.

Lagos commuters react to ban on motorcycles & rickshaws on major roads

CNBC Africa’s Debbie Movoria went to the streets of Lagos to get the opinions of people on a recent directive by the Lagos State Government to ban the use of Motorcycles and rickshaws on some major highways in the state from the first of February.