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Why South Africa is cancelling plans to expand its nuclear power

Africa’s only nuclear power has an installed capacity of 1,860 MW.

S.A government may appeal court ruling on Russia nuclear pact

South Africa's government may appeal last week's court judgment declaring a cooperation pact with Russia's state-owned nuclear company Rosatom unlawful, the energy minister said on Tuesday. South Africa and Russia signed an Intergovernmental...

S.A court rules nuclear plan unlawful, must be set aside

The minister's decision on or about 10 June 2015 to table the Russian IGA before parliament... is unconstitutional and unlawful and it is reviewed and set aside.

South Africa’s $72 billion nuclear project to move in June, newspaper reports

South Africa, which has Africa's only nuclear power station, wants nuclear power to play the leading role in expanded power generation, easing the country's reliance on an ageing fleet of coal-fired plants. It has asked Eskom to procure an additional 9,600 megawatts (MW) of capacity.