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Kenya to seek IMF help, pay arrears, speed tax refunds over coronavirus, officials say

Kenya’s government plans to seek help from the International Monetary Fund, pay pending bills to suppliers and quickly process company tax refunds to support the economy in the face of the coronavirus crisis, officials said.

Kenyan banks to offer relief to distressed borrowers -central bank

The East African nation has four confirmed cases of the COVID-19 and the government has imposed measures aimed at reducing its spreads including banning public gatherings and closing schools indefinitely.

What impact will demonetization of 1,000 shilling notes have on Kenya’s economy?

About Ksh7.3 billion shillings worth USD$71.5 million were not returned during the demonetization of the 1,000 shilling old notes, according to an official from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). Patrick Njoroge, Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, told journalists in Nairobi that the four-month phase-out of 1,000 shilling notes proceeded well and achieved its overall objective of removing money obtained from illegal activity from the economy. From Nairobi, Journalist, Joseph Bonyo joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kenya debt distress? Patrick Njoroge discusses country’s fiscal policy

The question of whether Kenya is borrowing too much and for the right purposes has been subject to debate more often than not. To discuss the country's fiscal policy, Governor of Kenyan Central Bank (KCB), Patrick Njoroge joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Kenya’s president Kenyatta renews central bank governor’s term, what you should know…

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has renewed Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge’s term.

Room for Kenya to borrow has shrunk, it needs to fix this – Central bank chief discusses

Kenya’s headroom for new borrowing has shrunk since it tapped the Eurobond market this month.

Why Kenya’s central bank governor believes the finance bill will emasculate the bank

The Financial Markets Conduct bill published last week by the finance ministry proposes to create a regulator in addition to the central bank to deal with the conduct of lenders.

Kenya’s central bank warns currency speculators as polls draw close

Kenya's central bank warns currency speculators as polls draw close