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Sanjana Bhardwaj on how to curb malnutrition, maternal mortality in Nigeria

UNICEF’s Chief of Health, Sanjana Bhardwaj says solutions designed for maternal health must have women and children at the centre. While speaking to CNBC Africa’s Christy Cole about the latest UNICEF report on global child nutrition and maternal health, the UNICEF Chief maintained data gathering and evidence must be efficiently in unpacking health sector issues.

Future of Health Summit: Philips Africa’s Jasper Westerink on having a shared view on healthcare

The CEO of Philips Africa, Jasper Westerink says that healthcare is a shared responsibility and we all have to join hands and implement together. At the Future of Health Summit – to discuss this and more, CNBC Africa's Christy Cole caught up with CEO of Philips Africa, Jasper Westerink.

World Economic Forum: What next for Africa’s health industry?

Where is the health industry going in Africa? How could the Fourth Industrial Revolution change the scene? Is universal healthcare really a dream? All these questions where put to the Head of Philips Africa, Jasper Westerink.

More S.Africans dying from cardiovascular disease than all types of cancer combined

The Philips Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation are collaborating to launch Back to Rhythm which is an education campaign which is aimed at creating awareness around cardiac health. One of the exciting parts of the campaign is to rally South Africans to participate in the stationary bike challenges which are taking place in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Philips Africa CEO, Jasper Westerink joins CNBC Africa for more.