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How to identify potential growth sectors for SMEs amid COVID-19

Kenya-based SME consultancy firm, Viffa Consult, has begun identifying sectors with growth potential for SMEs and entrepreneurs to explore despite COVID-19 challenges. They’ve today released the first report in what will be a series, all about the coconut commodity market in Kenya. CNBC Africa spoke to Managing Director, Victor Otieno for more.

How COVID-19 is affecting SME funding in Kenya

This year was poised to see major strides in access to finance for SMEs in Kenya. Promising initiatives such as the repeal of the interest rate cap, financing opportunities though the African Development Bank and the establishment of a credit guarantee scheme are just a few of the steps that were underway. But now that the Covid-19 pandemic has reshuffled priorities and budgets worldwide, where does that leave vulnerable Kenyan SMEs? SME Consultant, Victor Otieno joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kenyan govt. steps in to help small businesses survive COVID-19

This week the National Assembly of Kenya met and passed amendments that could stand to benefit Kenyan SMEs, CNBC Africa spoke to SME Consultant, Victor Otieno on how much of help this will be to the sector and what else can be done during this difficult time.

How Kenyan SME’s are coping with reduced business due to COVID-19

The current COVID-19 crisis has seen millions of dollars in investments lost across industries worldwide and it seems no one is safe, so what does that mean for vulnerable SMEs in Kenya and the rest of the region? Managing Director of Viffa Consult joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Kenyan SMEs can contribute more to the country’s GDP in 2020

Last year saw Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contributing over 30 to the Gross domestic product (GDP) of Kenya, with 83.6 per cent of the country's total employment created attributed to them, but they did face some challenges. SME Consultant, Victor Otieno joins CNBC Africa to discuss solutions that will enable this sector of entrepreneurs contribute even more in 2020.

Here’s how Kenyan SMEs performed in 2019

Financing, trends and regulations; how has the year up until now treated Kenya's small and medium enterprises? SME Consultant, Victor Otieno joins CNBC Africa to discuss his findings in the Kenya SME Performance Index for 2019.

SGR Phase 2 Operations begin despite viability & funding concerns

Over the past week we've seen stories coming out of Kenya such as the beginning of operations for the second phase of the Standard Gauge Railway despite viability and funding concerns – President Uhuru Kenyatta rejecting a bill to retain interest rate caps and the country setting up warehouses around the region to drive exports. For more context on these headlines, Analyst and SME Consultant, Victor Otieno joins CNBC Africa.

How Kenya’s e-commerce industry is revolutionising courier service, public transport sector

Over thirty courier firms have entered the Kenyan market over the past year with the sector deliveries growing by 22.2 per cent as online purchasing picked up according to data from the Communication Authority of Kenya – for more on this and latest business news headlines from Kenya, Analyst and SME Consultant Victor Otieno joins CNBC Africa for more.