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Missed the World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa 2019? Here are all the highlights

It was a World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa like no another as thousands of delegates from around the world descended on Cape Town, South Africa from the 4th-6th September.

World Economic Forum: How Mastercard plans to get informal traders to bank for the first time

Raghav Prasad is the man who believes he can transform digital banking landscapes in Africa, He also believes he can get millions of informal traders dealing in cash on the streets to go to banks for the first time in their lives. Prasad, Division President for Sub-Saharan Africa at Mastercard joins CNBC Africa for more.

World Economic Forum: Elsie Kanza on why Africa’s integration is important for trade

Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa & Member Executive Committee, WEF spoke to CNBC Africa’s Chris Bishop on the importance of strengthening trade ties within Africa and how the continent should take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution to grow its economies.