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How to address youth unemployment in Kenya

According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, nearly 3.17 million young Kenyans eligible for work or school are idle in the three months to June.

How Kenya’s horticulture sector plans to recover from COVID-19 shocks

According to the World Bank, Kenya faces an infrastructure financing gap of approximately $2.1 billion annually. Public-Private Partnerships are considered crucial in closing in this gap and the government plans to raise $2 billion in the financial year 2020/2021 through PPPs to fund key infrastructure projects. Isaac Otolo, Director Advisory Transactions at PwC spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

Kenya Tax Authorities turn heat on e-commerce for revenue collection

Global online firms generating cash in Kenya’s cyberspace will start paying taxes in the next six months if Parliament enacts the Finance Bill, 2020 into law. The proposed law has not defined the threshold of what constitutes the amount of tax payable under digital services but stipulates that payment made under the new tax shall be due at the time of the transfer for the service to the providers. Alex Owiti, ICT Policy Analyst joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: Lack of freight holds back Kenya’s flower industry

Kenya’s flower industry is now facing another setback amid the COVID-19 outbreak; lack of freight, even as demand begins to grow steadily. According report by the Kenya Flower Council, demand for cut flowers in the international market has begun to rise, with export demands hitting 3,500 tons per week. However, the available freight capacity cannot accommodate the rise in volume demand, seeing that it stands at only 1,300 tons for all commodities; flowers, vegetables, and fish. Alex Owiti, Communication Consultant, Horticulture Industry in East Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus related fraud and scams

With closure of schools and offices, many people are looking for alternative entertainment platforms to stay away from social gatherings. Recently, Mobile Games company, Usiku Games, free-rated its fees on mobile app games and they expect to create a fan-based of 1 million subscribers during this lockdown. Alex Owiti, ICT Policy Analyst joins CNBC Africa for more.

What’s behind Kenya’s 60% drop in flower production?

In Kenya, firms dealing in flowers have registered a 60 per cent drop in production this season following heavy rains, plagued by pests and diseases, which in turn hurt supplies and increase the cost. Britain is the second largest export destination for Kenya's cut flowers after the Netherlands, taking almost 18 per cent of the flowers produced in the country. Alex Owiti, Communication Consultant of the Horticulture Industry in East Africa joins to share how much of an impact the drop is to the economy as well as if Brexit will affect the Kenya flower trade.