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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a state visit to SA with trade high on the agenda

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's state visit to South Africa is officially underway with the two countries addressing how they will continue to work together to strengthen relations.

Forbes names the world’s most powerful women of 2019

This year’s top 100 females list featured women from six categories — business, technology, finance, media & entertainment, politics & policy and philanthropy. Together, they control or influence more than $2.3 trillion in revenue and oversee nearly 6.5 million employees.

France and Germany are uprooting the pillars of the European Union

Even if French President Emmanuel Macron somehow beats the odds and remains in office, the ill-fated French-German couple is already condemned as a terminally dysfunctional engine of EU management, Michael Ivanovitch writes.

OpEd: Algeria’s Bouteflika receives Merkel as army is shaken up

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika hosted Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel at his palace in Zeralda on Monday.

Merkel, Macron’s Africa trip: Expectations and the unexpected

Merkel, Macron’s Africa trip: Expectations and the unexpected

Merkel fourth term in doubt as German coalition talks fail

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday her efforts to form a three-way coalition government had failed, thrusting Germany into a political crisis and pushing Europe’s largest economy closer to a possible new...

Op-Ed: The danger of supplementing aid to Africa with weapons

Earl Conteh-Morgan | University of South Florida During the recent G-20 meeting in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel floated the idea that African countries should be given weapons as part of development aid so that they could...

Op-ed: Nigeria’s Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to G20: It’s time to move beyond pledges to back Africa’s future

Curbing corruption and illicit deals would help African governments secure much-needed revenues.