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This Rwandan company is helping to produce PPE to fight COVID-19 spread

Cloth masks have been officially recommended by the CDC to help slow the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 and now Rwanda has required the use of face coverings in public spaces and in multi-family compounds. On the 17th of April a statement was released by the Rwandan FDA, listing a selection of approved companies to manufacture personal protective equipment and product development firm, Fab Lab was on it. CNBC Africa is joined by the GM, Danny Bizimana for more.

Op-Ed: Ethiopia – Abiy leads African appeal for relief actions

Acutely aware of Ethiopia’s vulnerability to the health and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged “collective leadership and coordinated responses” to overcome the challenges posed by the unprecedented shock.

COVID-19: What is Africa’s rescue plan?

The African Centre for Disease Control will hold its fifth press briefing for an update on the coronavirus situation in Africa and also speak on moves to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Edwin Ikhuoria, Executive Director of One Africa joins CNBC Africa to explore possible rescue plan for Africa amid this pandemic.

How Nigeria plans to prevent COVID-19 outbreak in the country

Chinese health officials say data from a new study by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the elderly and sick are more at risk. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Center for Disease Control says intensified screening at points of entry is ongoing as means of preventing the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria. Dr. Francis Ohanyido, President of the West Africa Academy of Public Health joins CNBC Africa to discuss ways Nigeria can avert disease outbreaks.

CDC plans to invest $4.5bn in Africa

The UK’s development finance institution, CDC Group, has announced a $25 million-dollar commitment to a local fund backing small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria. Nick O’Donohoe, CEO of CDC Group joins CNBC Africa to discuss the group's plans for Nigeria.

CDC spending in Africa tops $1.5 bn, plans to increase

CDC spending in Africa tops $1.5 bn, plans to increase

Mystery illness in Liberia appears to be meningitis

MONROVIA (Reuters) - Medical samples from four of the victims of a disease in Liberia that initially baffled scientists have tested positive for a type of meningitis, the minister of health said...