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UK general elections: What Boris Johnson’s victory means for Brexit

CNBC reporter Julianna Tatelbaum breaks down the aftermath of the UK general elections which Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party secured a thumping victory.

The Tories have it – Boris Johnson returns to power with a stronger Brexit mandate

The election is won and the Brexit deal is done. Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a thumping victory in Britain’s general election – the biggest since the days of Margaret Thatcher – to give him the parliamentary muscle to push through Brexit by January 31st. It is the end of the road for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who will step down. The exit from one of the world’s largest trading blocs is likely to have implications for many African nations.

African Continental Free Trade Area: Is it practical?

The world is increasingly becoming fractured. Trade wars have extended beyond the US and China to Japan and South Korea. Boris Johnson, the UK's new prime minister, says Brexit will be done and dusted by 31st October. In this climate Africa's free trade agreement makes more sense than ever. Rudi Steinbach, Africa Specialist and Senior Economist at the World Bank joins CNBC Africa for more.

Boris Johnson takes over as UK prime minister

Boris Johnson's entrance into the Conservative Party's leadership has been one met with some contention. Greenpeace protesters blocked Boris Johnson’s car into Buckingham Palace. Theresa May, in her outgoing speech, warned Boris of going ahead with a no-deal Brexit stance. He delivered his first speech as Britain’s Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson to become UK prime minister after winning leadership race

Boris Johnson has won a Conservative Party leadership race and will become the U.K.’s next prime minister.