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The outlook for equities, commodities & currency markets in 2020

CNBC Africa is joined by Peet Serfontein, a market analyst to discuss the expectations and trends from equities, commodities and currency markets in 2020.

Op-Ed: Has Trump misjudged China ?

With the yuan’s latest depreciation, China is upping the ante in its trade war with the US. This has significant market and economic implications.

‘Kicking and screaming’: Turkey and South Africa are struggling to impose credible economic policies

Turkey and South Africa both appear to be unwilling to implement meaningful economic reforms, one analyst told CNBC on Wednesday.

Winners and losers from the Turkey crisis

Emerging markets and banks are among the biggest casualties in the recent decline of the Turkish lira, but there will be some winners in the economic crisis as well.

The naira continues to gain on the parallel market

The naira continues to gain on the parallel market