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Analysis – why Ghana is no longer the poster child for African economic reform

Ghana can boast about its successes, but troubling government finances have been the norm, with fiscal slippages regularly occurring in election years.

OPINION: Desperate times call for desperate measures to save our economies

History is a witness (as Google can validate) that the majority of causes come from lending to large corporates, poor governance and through fraud. Secondly, even in crisis, as central banks reduce interbank rates, commercial banks seldom pass this on to the SME sector; beneficiaries are once again people who can afford the higher interest rates.

Sea life around Mauritius dying as Japanese ship oil spill spreads

“We don’t know what may happen further with the boat, it may crack more,” said clean up volunteer Yvan Luckhun.

What to expect ahead of Nigeria’s MPC meeting

Nigeria’s Monetary Policy Committee is scheduled to announce its fourth monetary decision for the year later today.

UK economy risks shrinking 14% this year, budget forecasters warn

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s economy could shrink by more than 14% this year and government borrowing risks approaching 400 billion pounds ($500 billion) if there is lasting damage from the...

South African rand slides as coronavirus infection rise dims outlook

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa’s rand weakened in early trade on Tuesday as worries over surges in coronavirus infections reactivated investor concerns about the economic impact of the pandemic.

Economists call for more direct cash payments tied to the health of the economy

The $600 supplement Congress added to weekly unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of the month, leaving jobless Americans at risk of facing a cash cliff while jobs are still scarce.

How Zimbabwe farmers will be trained how to farm with a scheme from Belarus with love

When the farm invasions were unleashed by the people in power in 2000, it led to bloodshed and random confiscation that reaped a bitter harvest of lost production and exports that persists until this day. That year with all of its fumbling fury fuelled with the idea that to get rich you merely had to own a farm, is always seen as a turning point for the industry. It created a large slice of the country’s GDP and as it fell, so did the fortunes of Zimbabwe.