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Germany’s problem with China goes well beyond trade issues

Complaints and vilifications of China are no substitutes for thought and smart German, EU and American trade policies. Yes, do insist on fair and reciprocal trade, but Germany should stop bossing around its European customers (aka partners) to defend its trade privileges, Michael Ivanovitch writes.

Mining Strikes Could Spread to Anglo American

One of the world’s largest mining groups, Anglo American, could see its platinum production also affected by striking workers, according to trading company Vincom Commodities.

Mugabe Was Not Given Any Tourism Title: UN Agency

A United Nations agency said Wednesday that it has not appointed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as an official representative for tourism, refuting several newspaper reports that sparked outrage in the United Kingdom.

Oil-Rich Middle-East Running Low on Gas: Analyst

With half the world's known reserves of oil and gas sitting in the fields of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and the rest of the region, not many people think of the Middle East as having problems with energy.