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Mozambique launches restructuring offer for 2023 Eurobond, what you need to know

Africa's biggest Bank has taken a stake in local fintech firm Nomanini to offer credit to potentially millions of small shop owners and other informal retailers across Africa that have limited access to banking services.

Warren Buffett: This is the No. 1 mistake parents make when teaching kids about money

If there’s one person who understands the importance of teaching kids about financial responsibility, it’s Warren Buffett. Before he became CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the legendary investor started a handful of small businesses.

Giving young people basic financial skills can aid them in finding jobs, here’s how

The picture in South Africa is a bleak one for the average 15 – 24 year old. Many have finished their schooling with a qualification of little value in the eyes of employers. And they lack the basic skills that employers now need.

86% of Kenyans uncertain of financial security in retirement

86% of Kenyans uncertain of financial security in retirement

Nigeria creeps out of recession

Nigeria creeps out of recession

Etisalat Nigeria loan restructuring talks fail as lenders step in

Etisalat has been instructed to transfer its 45 percent stake in Etisalat Nigeria to a loan trustee after debt restructuring talks with lenders failed.

Capital expenditure by top global miners at record low: report

Large global mining companies have cut back on investments despite a turnaround in profitability.

Kenya government says to guarantee $750 mln in Kenya Airways debt

Kenya will offer $750 million in guarantees to Kenya Airways' existing creditors.